"Tom has been an amazing creative director, boss, mentor, and friend. I have been working with Tom since August of 2021 and have learned a tremendous amount under his tutelage. Tom is great at cultivating talent on his team and allowing others to reach their hidden potential. He is a natural-born leader who is also great at allowing others on his team to shine. Tom would be a great asset to any design team."
- Tamyra Alicia
"Tom has always been a pleasure to work with. He is always filled with creativity and always willing and open to take critical feedback for his work and grow from it. The quality of product he was able to help us achieve has been unparalleled. I appreciated the time I spent working with Tom as he is an honest and passionate person and his work speaks for itself. I am looking forward to working with Tom again in the future."
- Christopher Signh
"Tom single handedly took a decade old piece of software and transformed the experience to something beautiful, which became the vision for upgrading the UI/UX across the entire platform. He is not afraid to strive to be the best version of himself and is willing to take on any challenge presented his or his team's way. He is the glue that turns any team into winners. He is someone I admire and am proud to call a friend. I would recommend Tomas for any Creative role in a heartbeat and make him a leader from day one. Not only is he valuable enough, but he has too many gifts not to be in a leadership role by now. I give him my most prestigious recommendation for any company searching for a winner."
- Javier Martinez
"Tom Alvarez is a very valuable creative asset and an excellent teammate in general. He is very goal-oriented, has quite an eye for detail, and consistently wants to make sure that things are done right. While I was at Electronic Arts, Tom served as the sole artist on a team developing fantasy football applications and rose to the challenge in every situation, despite having no other creative voice on which to rely. Not content to simply rely on his current set of skills, Tom shows a passion for always wanting to learn more and to take his game to the next level. In addition to his professional talents, Tom also has a very big heart and is simply a great guy to have around!"
- John Amos


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